The Lowell-Tracy-Johnson mansion and carriage house

Last month, I was offered the unique opportunity to photograph an iconic property just outside of downtown Newburyport. High Street, in Newburyport, is a tree-lined street known for the majestic houses and mansions that line both sides. This estate lives up to the expectations and label. All together, the property has 2.79 acres that stretch from High Street to the Bradley Fuller Field and includes the main house, a Georgian mansion and a carriage house at 8 Dexter Lane. Both are beautiful and majestic in their own ways. The mansion has the classic style of old Newburyport; updated with a beautiful kitchen, modern dining area, porch and patio. The carriage house has been completely renovated with a magnificent music and living space on the upper floor and two complete apartments and a two car garage below. Surrounding these buildings, the grounds: a beautiful lawn with stepped gardens, a variety of trees and amazing landscaping.

Due to timing and client requests, I photographed this property three separate times and additional images (not shown here) were take by the photographers for Coldwell Banker Previews. Because of this, the lighting and sky are not consistent across the entire shoot. My first session was 9 – 10am for morning/daylight exterior images. The second session was from 6:30 – 8:30 for interior photography and twilight exteriors. I was called back a week later to capture the vertical exterior for a brochure cover and a view of the property from the roof.

Because of to the trees in front of this house, as well as its size, I needed a higher perspective to get a great picture. From ground level or across the street, there was no way to get a clear photograph. To overcome this I used a very tall tripod for the exterior photos and took pictures through the trees. The tripod is an adapted 13′ light stand with a small, three-way head mounted on it and the camera is a compact, lightweight Canon EOS-M.

Real Estate Photography - ©2016 Jeremiah True Photography

An early shot trying to find the right location. I ended up moving about 10′-15′ closer and putting the tripod up through the leaves of the tree on the right.


Due to the size of the property, I’ll present these photos broken up by location to keep the groupings cohesive.

Exterior and landscaping

Main house

Carriage house

On Tuesday, I was pleasantly surprised to see that this listing was interesting enough to be featured on the website of a local news station as well.

Real estate photography ©2016 Jeremiah True Photography