Together Festival – Lost in Boston presents TUBA NYC Showcase

Together 2014 rolled into town from May 9, 2014 – May 18, 2014. I had really enjoyed shooting for them last year and was looking forward to participating with more events this time around. After looking over the lineup, checking out samples of work and sounds, I picked three events/performances to photograph. The first was Lost in Boston presents TUBA NYC Showcase at Wonderbar in Allston. It was a chill, bass-heavy, dub-centric night that had a lot of spectators but not a lot of dancers. The energy wasn’t as lively as other events I have shot but it was a really cool show to attend.

Due to some family issues, I had to back out of my other two events, unfortunately, but I was very happy to have had this opportunity and look forward to what I can do for them next year!