Real estate

Real estate photography starts at a rate of $175 for up to 20 images and $250 for up to 30 images of the property. Additional images between or over these price points are $10 per image. Finished images are delivered by download from a secure website, typically within 24-36 hours. A travel fee will be charged if the property is more than thirty (30) miles away from Haverhill, MA, round trip. This will be quoted before the session.

In the event that more images are requested, a quote will be given based on the total number. If retouching is required, it is an additional fee of $50/hr. billed by the quarter-hour. This will also be quoted and agreed to before the work is done.

Architecture, interiors and property

Architectural and property photography sessions are priced at a per-shot rate starting at $30 per image with a $200 minimum. A pre-shoot consultation will determine the number of photographs, objectives, and establish expectations. Based on this, the project will be quoted and signed-off on before the session happens. The quote will reflect the number of images requested, travel, additional editing or processing and and any other considerations.

These images receive additional processing and basic retouching as part of the price. If additional edits or more extensive retouching is needed there will be an additional fee of $50/hr. billed by the quarter-hour. This will be estimated and quoted before work is done.

Payment & Deposits

  • Payment is expected at the time of photography or post production unless other arrangements have been made.
  • For certain projects, a deposit is required to retain my services.
  • I accept payment by credit card, check, cashiers check or cash.
  • I am as transparent and upfront as possible with my charges so there are no surprises for either of us.

Other considerations

I will do everything within my abilities to make each photography session as successful and productive as possible. There are, however, some considerations that I try to inform people about before taking the project.

Access to property and photography releases:

I expect an owner, building or property manager, agent or builder to be present for any photography session. If this cannot be arranged, I will need whatever access codes or keys are required to gain legal access to the property. I also prefer but do not require a signed release for any property I photograph. This can be provided ahead of time, signed and returned to me digitally or by mail in the event that I will be alone on the property. In situations where the property is managed such as a shopping plaza or office building, I expect the tenants to be notified ahead of my arrival so that I am not stopped by security, have the police called, or asked to leave the premises.

Weather and seasonal considerations:

The weather can play a huge role in the outcome of photography, especially if there will be exterior pictures taken. Because of this, every effort is made to schedule work when the weather and light will be best. If photography has to happen under less than ideal conditions, there could be limitations that will be difficult to overcome without extensive editing, if at all. In this event, a change of date will be suggested but photography can occur with the understanding of the limitations given the circumstances.

Appearance of the property:

I expect the properties I photograph to be “photo ready” this means:

  • All lights, interior and exterior, should work and be able to be turned on at the time of photography, if needed.
  • Furniture and appliances are where they should be
  • The floors are clean, carpets vacuumed, glass is clean, etc…

If the property does not meet these expectations, I will do all that I can do compensate for the shortcomings but they could impact the quality of the final images.

Minor adjustments, by the photographer, to the appearance of a room such as straightening fabrics, draping throws, or adjusting other small things are acceptable and will likely happen during the course of the shoot. Moving furniture, heavy lifting or re-arranging a room are not the photographer’s responsibility and will not be expected of him.