Between there and here

I had the opportunity to fly on a short trip from Boston to JFK in New York to make sure a project from work was displaying properly in the Jet Blue T5 terminal. I don’t fly that often and rarely have my camera out when I do. Since I was sitting alone on both flights, I took the opportunity to capture some images of the clouds and high altitude sky which has a much deeper color that I usually see from the ground.


My website is back!

Jeremiah True at Mission Oak Grill

I am very happy to announce after several long months that is back online. Towards the end of last fall my site was hacked and a script was installed that redirected all incoming search engine traffic to a Russian pills website. I was unable to track down the file or script so I was forced to pull down all of my sites an eradicate the problem – burn the forest down.

While it pained me to do this, it was actually something that needed to happen. My old site was built on an outdated platform that was difficult to maintain and while I liked it quite a bit, it was a lot of work to do simple things. This new site, while it still has some kinks, is designed for today’s browser landscape and it should work as well on your mobile devices as it does in your desktop computer.

As the rest of this site is built out, I will be offering more, current work samples as well as putting up a storefront for people interested in buying my artwork. I’ve kept my professional work of architecture and real estate photography separated from my artistic pieces for a long time. It caused a division in my thinking as well as a double workload for producing and maintaining my web presence. Going forward, my artwork will be released on this site in the blog and made available for purchase as prints through my store front.

I hope that you find the site easy to use and navigate. If you find any errors or problems I want to hear about it. Just send me a note here.