Self-portraits in the snow

Portraits - ©2015 Jeremiah True - Jeremiah True Photography

Last year I made an investment in new lighting equipment so I could take better portraits and party/reception photos at events. I added 4 Yongnuo 560 III flashes, a 560TX remote control, two sets of color correcting and effects gels and a Rogue Imaging flash bender with softbox scrim. Last night I had the opportunity to take a photo I’ve wanted to for a while, a backlit portrait in a snow storm.

The setup for this was pretty simple. I stood underneath a streetlight near my house with the camera about ten feet away. There were two flashes mounted on a multi-flash bar, vertically behind me, set to between 1/8 and 1/4 power, un-gelled. In front of me, I had a 1/2 CTO gelled flash set to 1/8 – 1/16 inside the softboxed Flash Bender between 6 – 8 feet off the ground. The camera was set to tungsten white balance, ISOs 100 – 200, f2.8 and shutter speeds between 1/6th of a second and 1/2 of a second.

Focus was an issue since I did this alone and couldn’t focus the camera on a subject so it was a combination of guessing, moving forward and backward and then marking the ground where my feet needed to be to keep the images fairly sharp.

The black and white was a single exposure. The color uses several images blended for focus, lighting and atmospheric/background elements.

Portraits - ©2015 Jeremiah True - Jeremiah True Photography Portraits - ©2015 Jeremiah True - Jeremiah True Photography

Together Festival – Lost in Boston presents TUBA NYC Showcase

Event photography - ©2014 Jeremiah True - Jeremiah True Photography

Together 2014 rolled into town from May 9, 2014 – May 18, 2014. I had really enjoyed shooting for them last year and was looking forward to participating with more events this time around. After looking over the lineup, checking out samples of work and sounds, I picked three events/performances to photograph. The first was Lost in Boston presents TUBA NYC Showcase at Wonderbar in Allston. It was a chill, bass-heavy, dub-centric night that had a lot of spectators but not a lot of dancers. The energy wasn’t as lively as other events I have shot but it was a really cool show to attend.

Due to some family issues, I had to back out of my other two events, unfortunately, but I was very happy to have had this opportunity and look forward to what I can do for them next year!

High Street condominium

- ©2013 Jeremiah True - Jeremiah True Photography

Last October, I had the opportunity to photograph and beautifully updated Newburyport condominium next to the old courthouse near the Mall. It was a fairly sizable space with three good sized bedrooms and an updated, open-concept kitchen and living area on the main floor. The unit takes the left side second and third floors of a colonial brick townhouse and has beautiful views of the surrounding area, just outside of downtown.