About me

Photo credit – Andrew San

Photography has been a passion of mine since the 1990’s when I started in taking pictures in the middle of high school. In 2003 I received a BFA in Photography and Digital Imaging from Rivier College. I have worked with 35mm, medium and large format film as well as DSLR cameras. My experience has also included darkroom and professional lab printing and retouching, video production, editing, and animation. Currently, this is a part-time endeavour for me as I work full-time at an advertising agency in web and digital media production. I also do freelance web and email design, light graphic design and stock photography and music research.

Artistically, I tend to focus on urban and natural landscapes. I also have become intrigued by the concept of bokeh (the out of focus part of an image) and exploring its use in my work to demonstrate space and depth as well as adding abstract elements. On of my specialities is long exposure photography. This began in college when the only time I had to take photos for class was at night which required slower shutter speeds. I was drawn to this because it allowed me to show long periods of time in one capture, changing how time could be represented. Usually a photograph shows one moment frozen in a fraction of a second. This technique allowed me to show minutes and hours if time in one image.

Recently my attention has grown to include another representation of time, the decline and return to nature of man made spaces and structures once they were no longer maintained. Due to legal issues and safety concerns, I don’t seek these out as often as other subjects. However, when the opportunity arises, I am always very excited to experience and explore these spaces, capturing them in their current state while recognizing their past.