Appreciating smaller spaces

I recently did a photo shoot for a co-worker in Boston’s North End. Having grown up and lived in fairly rural areas for most of my life, I have never had the experience of living in a compact, urban setting. Janene, on the other hand, grew up in San Francisco, has lived in New York and Boston and is very comfortable in smaller spaces.

She lives in a studio apartment overlooking the compact North End neighborhoods. There are large, westward facing windows that capture the beautiful afternoon sunlight which is carried thoughout the space with a light-toned color palette. This gives the room a very spacious and airy feeling despite its size.

The home is very carefully and artfully arranged to make the most of the space without feeling tight or crowded. Furniture and accessories are clean and modern with light tones and brushed metal elements. Artwork and photos add a nice contrast with darker frames and splashes of color that liven up the walls. A central set of shelves holds a variety of curios from around the world along with pictures and books.

These photos were taken to use on the website, a site focused style and DIY design and the appreciation of different spaces and artful decorating. To read Janene’s article, click here.